baby b | corpus christi newborn photographer

So excited about this sweet little guy.. He’s the newest member of the McComb clan – my precious nephew! We are so glad he is here! :) 

j family | corpus christi beach photographer

Oh they were troopers.. We battled some crazy wind & blowing sand that day – despite the weather forecast calling for calm winds. (But I guess that’s just business on the beach!)  Thanks for sticking it out with me, J family!

t family | port aransas beach photographer

This family is always a blast and those girls just crack me up! Lots of fun! 

f family | corpus christi beach & maternity photographer

I know this sweet family is anxiously awaiting their newest arrival soon! It was a beautiful evening for a beach session in spite of the crazy amount of seaweed. 



b family | port aransas beach photographer

A picture perfect family in a picture perfect setting! (Well, minus all that yucky seaweed by the water..)

h girls | corpus christi natural light photographer

These sweet sisters are always a joy to work with and have so much personality! 

miss r | corpus christi natural light photographer

Love this little nugget! She’s just the cutest! 

baby p | corpus christi newborn photographer

I’d say they are in love with their precious little gift. :) Welcome to the world, sweet baby P!

baby c | corpus christi baby photographer

When mom contacted me about doing some pictures of her baby girl, she mentioned that Baby C was very smiley and would make my job easy. She wasn’t lying! I don’t think I’ve ever met a baby that smiles bigger than this sweet little thing. I just wanted to take her home! 


r family | corpus christi family photographer

Love this sweet family! I started working with them when their oldest was a newborn and we do a few sessions a year. It’s always an honor when they come back! Their girls are the sweetest. :) 

f girls | corpus christi natural light photographer

Talk about some beauties!! We had a TON of clouds at the start of their session because we were about to get a storm.. Thankfully for a few minutes, the clouds partially cleared and we had some gorgeous sun! 

n girls | corpus christi natural light photographer

Love this sweet mommy & daughter duo! They are about to be a family of four with a baby boy on the way and we couldn’t be more excited for them. And seriously, how ADORABLE is Miss E? 

This kid has some of the most awesome faces! 😀 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #padreislandSibling love. They are so blessed to have each other! 💙 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #padreislandHe's a Gerber baby if I've ever seen one! #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer @meridithcarterFishing's all fun & games until someone needs a nap! 😜🐟🎣 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristinewbornphotographer #southtexasphotographer #corpuschristiphotographer #newbornphotographyFall mini session update! I have one spot that just opened for 9.25 on the beach! And I am also adding ONE more date for 10.19.. that is the last option for minis this year. I have 2 more regular weekday spots for the fall. (No weekends available.) Email for more info!This one melted me. I ❤️ how he is looking at his mama. Doesn't get any better! 😍 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #newbornphotographyI know mama is eagerly awaiting a sneak peek of her amazing blessing. 💙💙 #newbornphotography #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerBrother love! Melt my heart! 💙 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #childphotographyThose beautiful eyes! 😍 #ashleymccombphotography #childphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerCutest little cousins! #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerHer face is just the sweetest! 😍 #newbornphotography #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer