c family | corpus christi family photographer

This sweet family has lots to celebrate. Their little man had just turned one, big sister was heading off to college the next day, AND they are expecting twins in January! So much excitement and they are so deserving! 

baby d | corpus christi newborn photographer

They prayed for this precious baby boy for a very long time. God answers prayers in might ways! I’d say he is one very loved little guy. Congrats, B Family!

fall mini session updates! | corpus christi natural light photographer

9.18 update: As of this morning, I’ve had a spot open for the 9.25 beach date! All of the other dates are booked, BUT I’m going to add ONE LAST date on 10.19. This is the VERY LAST chance at minis for the fall! I also have 2 regular weekday spots left (all weekend spots are booked). If you’d like more info, please email me at the address below! 

s cousins | corpus christi child photographer

I love when siblings decide to take cousin photos of their babies. It truly is so important! And talk about some ridiculously adorable kiddos!

baby n | corpus christi newborn photographer

We did this sweet baby girl’s session right before Harvey hit.. And boy, was it hot & muggy!! She seemed to enjoy the warmth and was a trooper throughout our whole session. Not a peep!



o family | port aranasas beach photographer

This family was from out of state and we were so close to not even being able to do a session thanks to the last storm that was in the gulf. The waves had come in so much! But they were a blast and I’m so glad it worked out! 

baby s | corpus christi newborn photographer

And baby makes 5! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl, S Family! 


f maternity | corpus christi beach maternity photographer

Oh this couple.. They were so much fun and so in love. I know they are eager to meet their sweet baby girl next month! Congrats, F Family!

fall mini sessions! | corpus christi natural light photographer

As crazy as it seems, fall will be here soon enough! I don’t know about you, but I can’t WAIT! It’s absolutely the busiest time of year for photographers and I have a few spots left for mini sessions and a few spots left for regular sessions. (Please note, the 10/25 date is sold out and the remaining dates & are very limited.) As of 8/10, I have a few spots in each month for a regular one hour session ($395 + tax & 30 edited images):

September: 3 spots

October: 2 spots

November: 2 spots

December: 3 spots

I will also be adding a date for Halloween mini sessions in early October. If you are interested and would like to be added to my email list (subscribers get first dibs on all minis/specials!) , please email me at

f family | corpus christi lifestyle photographer

I love relaxed lifestyle family sessions. :) Congrats on your newest little man, F family! 

baby s | corpus christi newborn photographer

I love it when moms say they want outdoor newborn photos. I LOVE outdoor sessions. Babies tend to sleep really well! :) This little pumpkin did awesome!


f family | port aransas family photographer

Fun beach session on a gorgeous South Texas evening!

This kid has some of the most awesome faces! 😀 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #padreislandSibling love. They are so blessed to have each other! 💙 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #padreislandHe's a Gerber baby if I've ever seen one! #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer @meridithcarterFishing's all fun & games until someone needs a nap! 😜🐟🎣 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristinewbornphotographer #southtexasphotographer #corpuschristiphotographer #newbornphotographyFall mini session update! I have one spot that just opened for 9.25 on the beach! And I am also adding ONE more date for 10.19.. that is the last option for minis this year. I have 2 more regular weekday spots for the fall. (No weekends available.) Email for more info!This one melted me. I ❤️ how he is looking at his mama. Doesn't get any better! 😍 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #newbornphotographyI know mama is eagerly awaiting a sneak peek of her amazing blessing. 💙💙 #newbornphotography #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerBrother love! Melt my heart! 💙 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #childphotographyThose beautiful eyes! 😍 #ashleymccombphotography #childphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerCutest little cousins! #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerHer face is just the sweetest! 😍 #newbornphotography #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer