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Photographs aren’t about having perfect hair, perfect clothes or even perfect, smiling children. Real emotion is felt in those pictures that aren’t posed or planned – the ones that happen as life is happening.

My goal as photographer is to capture the true personalities of your family – the details that make you you.

I am more relaxed on shoots and don’t do a lot of posing. I will give some direction, but I like for my clients to be comfortable and natural. I prefer to sit back and watch your interactions and catch THAT on “film”.Bubbles1 copy

When you decide you want to book a session, please use the contact page to send me a message. From there,  we will set up a date & time for your session. All sessions take place on-location (I can always suggest a place if you aren’t sure!).  Once your deposit has been secured and your contract has been signed, I will send you detailed session information. We will also go over any questions you might have, as well as clothing ideas.

Typical portrait sessions take approximately one hour. Please expect newborn sessions to take up to 2 hours to allow for feedings & diaper changes.

With children, I tend to let them play and be themselves. I prefer a natural, happy smile over a forced one. Feel free to bring a special toy or blanket (or anything else of sentimental value!) to the session. Anything that makes a picture more personal is strongly encouraged!

Once your session is complete and your images are edited (please allow 2-3 weeks),  you will be sent a link to download your images. I will also include information on printing and handling your digital images.


Regular Session $395 (+ tax)

1 hour
Includes session fee & 30 edited digital images

Mini Maternity Session   $275 (+ tax)

30 minutes
Includes session fee & 15 edited digital images

Lifestyle Newborn Session  $450 (+ tax)

1-2 hours
Between 5-14 days of age

Includes session fee & 30 edited digital images

$100 deposit is required to reserve your date and the remaining balance is due at the time of session. 
Prices are for up to 5 people. Anything above that is $15/person. Beach sessions add $30.

© Ashley McComb Photography 2017
All rights reserved.
It is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce images without prior written consent.

This kid has some of the most awesome faces! 😀 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #padreislandSibling love. They are so blessed to have each other! 💙 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #padreislandHe's a Gerber baby if I've ever seen one! #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer @meridithcarterFishing's all fun & games until someone needs a nap! 😜🐟🎣 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristinewbornphotographer #southtexasphotographer #corpuschristiphotographer #newbornphotographyFall mini session update! I have one spot that just opened for 9.25 on the beach! And I am also adding ONE more date for 10.19.. that is the last option for minis this year. I have 2 more regular weekday spots for the fall. (No weekends available.) Email for more info!This one melted me. I ❤️ how he is looking at his mama. Doesn't get any better! 😍 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #newbornphotographyI know mama is eagerly awaiting a sneak peek of her amazing blessing. 💙💙 #newbornphotography #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerBrother love! Melt my heart! 💙 #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer #childphotographyThose beautiful eyes! 😍 #ashleymccombphotography #childphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerCutest little cousins! #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographerHer face is just the sweetest! 😍 #newbornphotography #ashleymccombphotography #corpuschristi #corpuschristiphotographer #southtexasphotographer